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Moana & Kai

Florida, USA

Fashion kids-wear inspired on the Ocean. Neutral Gendered.

BB Beach Caravan - morecandyshop

Custom Pattern Design -"surf riders"

and Moana and Kai logo.


Rock Your Baby


Rock Your Baby & Rock Your Kid- @rock_your_baby - Retro Collection 
Cosmic Flowering - ultraviolet-

Cosmic Flowering -morecandyshop


Elsie + Emma

A Beautiful Mess

About The Team, USA


Nova’s Retro Floral Bedroom

in collaboration with Spoonflower and morecandy shop.

Floral Illustrated 70s Vintage - sunny - as morecandyshop

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 London, UK

Handmade children’s linen and cotton bedding and sleepwear.

Dalhia in Bloom -morecandyshop

Custom Pattern Design - "ditsy folk"   by Marina_Prints and Kinderfolk, UK

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Sunny Hunny


 SW Florida, USA

Reversible swimwear

Create your dream bikini.

Baby Flower Power -morecandyshop

Party in the garden-morecandy shop

Custom Pattern Design -"mystic sun  flower power" by sunny hunny


Alice and Ames


kids clothes you'll both love​.

Wild Flowers -morecandyshop

70s flowers -morecandy shop

Custom Pattern Design -" collection wild flower power" by  Marina Prints -Alice and Ames

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